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The Fundamentals of Fundraising! 



  • It is easy to host a fundraising party of all levels and sizes.  Just be comfortable with the numbers and level of expectations.

  • There is never too small a donation -- from $5 to $50 to $500 and on up to the yaowzza levels depending on your networking skills and circles.

  • Select and review potential charities to support so that you are comfortable with their mission, activities and outcomes. 

  • Invite a few friendly folks in your life to your apartment, backyard, condominium, house, roof-top, or community room (Should check with community management if serving alcohol is allowed).

  • Bubbly libations can be found at all levels in grocery stores (in some states), wine shops or direct shipment via the internet. Be adventurous and experiment with bubbly options you might not be familiar with (and call it a tasting) or research on internet.

  • Send invitations or e-vites or simply call friends – keep is simple!

  • Chill the bottles at least 2-4 hours before party and plan for a few tasty treats to accompany (food pairing suggestions)

  • Place a decorative or creative bowl, vase or box for friends to put thier checks — or literally during the party pass a hat!

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