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Our Team

Maureen Blum, Founder & Director of Big Ideas

As the CEO of two companies, and Strategic
Coalitions & Initiatives LLC,  it was not a far stretch to combine her two professional worlds: 1) Wine; and 2) Grassroots Advocacy.   Realizing that National Champagne Day occurred in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she was inspired immediately.  



What started out as her own Champagne Party to raise money to fight breast cancer quickly “dominoed” with a couple out of state friends wanting to do the same.  After sharing the idea with a few friends during a late night text with a cycling of how-to questions, she moved the texting to a Facebook group.  Within a week, there was over 250 members of the group excited to cheer, help, support and yes to host a Bubbles & Boobs party.  The simple idea – sparked a movement.  Within 3 weeks, Bubbles and Boobs was launched in 2 countries, 9 states and the District of Columbia.   In 2019, we expanded to 4 continents! We strive for representation in all 50 States!  

For more information on Bubbles and Boobs contact 

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